Payroll Services

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NestEggVault® gives small businesses time back in their day to focus on what matters most by ensuring compliance and exceptional support during the employee lifecycle.

Every day we help small and medium sized business like yours improve their productivity by outsourcing their payroll to us. After all, if something isn’t moving your company forward, it’s a distraction. Distraction is lost opportunity. What else could your company do if it wasn’t bogged down in the minutiae of payroll processing?

Payroll is so much more than a simple paycheck. It’s making sure withholdings and deductions are accurate. It’s ensuring tax deposits are accurate and on-time. It’s timely filing of tax returns and preparing W-2s by the Federal deadline. It’s the unexpected (and nearly guaranteed) questions and issues that arise throughout the year.

Guaranteed On-time Payroll Tax Deposits
  • Managing payroll taxes can have you feeling like a long-tail cat in a room full of rocking chairs. It’s just a matter of time before you get pinched. Save your tail and outsource this task to NestEggVault.
  • Each payroll, we collect the correct tax amount and remit it to the appropriate agency on-time – guaranteed. Our on-time record is 99.95%, but in the unlikely event that your deposit is one of the 0.05%, we pay the tax penalty and late fees. One in three small businesses will incur $1,100 in tax penalties each year – don’t be one of them. Many small businesses have paid for our services by simply putting an end to payroll tax penalties.
  • Tax filing and tax notification resolution is also included in our service at no additional cost. We file all of your federal, state, and local tax returns accurately and on-time. Should a payroll tax notice arrive in the mail, don’t get stuck on the phone. Forward the notice to us and our experienced staff will resolve the matter for you. Hours saved and headache avoided.
  • Yep, our service is truly worry free. No payroll tax deposits. No payroll tax returns. No payroll tax penalties. No hours on the phone with the IRS or EDD. Who knew peace of mind could be so affordable?
Payroll Services Overview
  • 90% Payroll Accuracy — we have skills and we’re not afraid to flaunt them
  • Guaranteed Tax Deposits — 99.95% of payroll tax deposits are made on time
  • Dedicated Payroll Specialists — no 5-digit extensions
  • Easy Onboarding — it’s easy to switch to NestEggVault
  • Prevailing Wage Administration — Certified Payroll Reports
  • 24/7 Employee Self-Service — employees can view their paystubs online
  • Managers can view employee information and employee pay history online
  • Stop the Spreadsheets! — we’ll track your vacation, sick leave and PTO
  • FREE Direct Deposit and Pay Card options
  • Garnishment Processing and Third-Party Payments via ACH
  • New Hire Reporting completed within 20 days of new and rehired employees
  • Our team members are certified by the American Payroll Association
  • Single sign-on for all NestEggVault Select products
  • No Software to Install
  • Accounting Software Interface
Employer Of Record

NestEggVault acts as the employer of record for contingent staff and deliver cost savings on top of it.

There’s a lot less to worry about and a lot to gain. Perks of having NestEggVault handle your payrolling services include:

  • Relationship management. With NestEggVault serving as your employer of record, you can concentrate on the work that needs to be done.
  • Reduced administrative burdens. Put your employees on our books and the administrative work becomes ours.
  • No conversion fee. A payrolled NestEggVault employee can quickly be converted to one of your employees at any time and at no cost to you.
  • Cost savings. Competitive rates save you money.

In a general sense, the Employer of Record is simply the entity that serves as the employer for tax purposes while the employee performs work for a different company.  The Employer of Record, often referred to as the W-2 Employer of Record because they are responsible for issuing W-2s to the employee, shoulders the responsibility for all the traditional employment tasks and liabilities.

When applied to a contract staffing situation, the Employer of Record serves as the legal employer for a contractor. This responsibility often falls to a third party known as a contract staffing back-office. In other situations, a recruiter can take on the employment tasks and liabilities.

If you decide to add contract staffing to your business model, one of the first things you need to do is determine who will serve as the Employer of Record for your contractors: you or a contract staffing back-office.  If you decide to do it yourself, you need to make sure you have the time and resources to get set up (which typically takes up to six months) and to handle the following ongoing tasks:

Payroll processing and funding
Tax deposits and filings
Employment contracts and paperwork
Maintaining Certificate of Insurance
I-9 and E-Verify
Unemployment insurance
Workers’ Compensation
Background checks and drug screenings
Benefits administration (health, dental, vision, life, 401k)
Employee terminations
Employee issues
And more

If you do not feel comfortable taking on these responsibilities, a contract staffing back-office not only takes them off your shoulders but also can have you up and running within hours, not weeks or months.



 Have questions? Give us a call

(888) 461-1465

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