Jaws Free Stream DVD5 720px Hd-720p Lorraine Gary 1080i(hd)

124 m;
Scores=518238 Votes;
Genre=Drama, Thriller;
tomatometers=8,1 of 10 stars;
director=Steven Spielberg

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Jaws is about a summer town who has a shark problem. They send a boat filled with a fisher, chief of Police and a shark expert.
Jaws is an outstanding movie. It is probably one of the best hour movies of all time. The acting was great. Roy Schneider as Brody was a great choice. He was a great hero. Robert Shaw was the perfect character. He was mean and funny at the same time. Richard Dreyfus was a great Hooper. He was a serious guy that cared about the shark problem. When the shark didn’t work the film was almost better. It was cool to see you get scared when you don’t even see the victim. Also the cinematography was great. The shots right on the water where great. When they went under water it was like you where the shark.
Jaws is a great film. Spielberg’s best to me.

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Jaws Free Stream DVD5 720px Hd-720p Lorraine Gary 1080i(hd)