Lisinopril belongs to the class of ACE inhibitors known as angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACEs). The primary function of these drugs is to inhibit the activity of the enzymes that break down and convert angiotensin II into a less toxic substance, called prostaglandins. They are commonly used in combination with other anti-hypertensive medications to treat high blood pressure or hypertension. These drugs have been shown to decrease the levels of calcium and increase the production of bile acids and soluble guanylate cyclase (which are responsible for the breakdown of calcium in the intestine).

A number of patients with kidney disease may respond well to this type of medication. It is usually recommended that Lisinopril is used for up to twelve weeks before trying any other type of medication to prevent any complications from occurring.

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Lisinopril was originally prescribed to lower high blood pressure. In the US, it is available under the trade names of Plavix, Lipitor and Zestril. Lisinopril can be taken in oral form as an injection, intramuscular, intrathecally or by means of an inhaler or nasal spray. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other medicines to reduce or eliminate your symptoms of hypertension, such as calcium channel blockers or diuretics.There is detailed research: Expert

Because of the potential side effects associated with this type of medication and in patients with kidney disease, it is not recommended that Lisinopril is used as a primary treatment for either hypertension or kidney disease. This medication should only be used in the management of your disease.

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Because of the potential side effects associated with Lisinopril and other anti-hypertensive medications, some doctors will use other safer drugs, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or beta blockers to treat their patients. These are usually used first in the management of high blood pressure and hypertension. They are then used for their side effects, and sometimes combined with other medicines in the management of certain kidney disease. When using these medications to treat hypertension and kidney disease, your doctor will need to be aware of any potential interactions with Lisinopril that could lead to further damage to your kidneys or cause more serious complications. {if your interactions occur. It is important that you discuss all possible interactions with your doctor before beginning any treatment.

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If you are taking Lisinopril to control your symptoms of hypertension, you should also discuss it with your doctor if you are currently taking or are thinking about starting any other type of medication to reduce or eliminate your symptoms of hypertension, such as calcium channel blockers or diuretics. There is an increased risk of side effects in people taking other drugs. Your doctor may also recommend that you avoid taking Lisinopril while you are taking medications to avoid interactions with these medications.

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